The Research paper would be about on Edgar Allan Poe drug addiction and Romanticism on how it contributed to his well-recognized work. The drug abuse of opium in the late 18th and 19th century was commonly used in writers for various reasons. Under the influence of alcohol and or opium it transfers Edgar Allan Poe into viewing things differently. This specific era was the beginning of the Romantic Movement for writers and authors like Thomas de Quincy. It brought new ideas of imagination and emotion to American Literature. Edgar Allan Poe transformation of Romanticism into Dark Romanticism from his gothic style works.

Annotated Bibliography
“The Dark Mysterious Writer Edgar Allan Poe”

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This newspaper article brought insight of an event at the Society Library of a remarkable lecture by Edgar A. Poe. He was a fearless critic which other writers contributed their opinions on various topics. He was an honest, blunt man that manifested in the coarse vulgarity at the lecture and writings. This source is a great one by how others in that time period describe this famous poet.

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Discoveries in medicine website offer an in-depth look at the history of opium drug. Website states the usage of the drug in relieving pain in Western medicine in the 1800’s. It serves as a source of information for research in opium history and how artists and writers made it widespread in the Romantic movement of the 19th century.

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This article is about the struggles of Edgar Allan Poe throughout his lifetime. It informs about his unstable childhood and adulthood on how he gets intrigued in literature as his passion. The addictions of the author had an influence on the different styles of writings. For this research, the article provides essential information about his addictions that affected his works.

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Romanticism as a literary movement lasted from about 1789 to 1832 and marked on how ideas about the structure in literature overall from poetry to short stories. During this era, it emphasized the importance of the individual’s experience in the world and their interpretation of a life changing experience in greater detail in there masterpieces.

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In this article, it expresses in detail of his personality to his devastating life events. This strange man had a mystifying personality which his literature is still being taught by popular demand. Edgar A Poe gifted mind used psychological methods that interpret explanations of his misfortunes through his gothic style short stories.

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