Please give the paper a title.
Write an introduction to your topic and outline questions/issues arising from it (about 1 page).

Summarize, discuss, analyze, compare/contrast, and critique sociological theories as they relate to the topic you have chosen (***THE ROLE OF EDUCATION IN SOCIETY***) for the semester.

THE THEORIES ARE THE FOLLOWING: Karl Marx’s theory of division of labor, Du Bois Theory of slavery and capitalism, structural functionalism, phenomenology, Pierre Bourdieu’s and Anthony Gidden’s Theories, and Radical Feminist Theory)

This part of the paper should be comprehensive and cohesive.

It should reflect the discussion, analysis, comparing/contrasting, critiquing, and examples of sociological theory and theoretical concepts you have been working on all semester in the discussions assignment.
This section of the paper should flow in an organized manner

Write a summary of what you learned and your conclusions (1 page).

Include citations within the text and a reference section at the end of the paper ****(Chicago style).

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