Tom’s Meat Market – Questions



  1. Situation Analysis:
    1. What is happening in this case? What is the situation (problem) facing Tom, the owner of Tom’s Meat Market?



  1. Company:
    1. What is the history of Tom’s Meat Market (e.g., what type of business is it, when was it opened, where is it located, what are its hours of operation, what are its annual sales, and how many employees are there)?



  1. Competition
    1. Who are Tom’s competitors, where are they situated relative to Tom’s Meat Market, and how much of the space in each store is devoted to meat products?



  1. Customers (General)
    1. In terms of socio-economic status, what is the percentage of lower-class, middle-class, and upper-class households in the community and what is the average income in each category? Where does each social class primarily shop for groceries? What are the most important attributes for each social class in deciding where to purchase meat?



  1. Customers (Tom’s Meat Market)
    1. Which percentage of each social class shop at Tom’s Meat Market? Which class makes up the majority of Tom’s customers? If this segment is shopping less at Tom’s Meat Market, what does this suggest about where they are now shopping (think of the value concept)?



  1. Alternatives:
    1. What are the alternatives to resolve the problem(s)? (If it helps, think of alternatives for each social class. Also, consider each element of the marketing mix: product, price, place, and promotion.)



  1. Recommendation:
    1. What solution(s) would you recommend and why?


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