Year in year out, many high school graduates go to college to continue their education as well as pursue their life-long dreams. Despite being a huge commitment, college has many advantages for the later life. When I look back at the years I spent in college, I don’t regret even a bit. As a matter of fact, I believe they were the most important years of my life. I came out of St. Martin’s College being a bright and eager graduate, ready to take charge of my life and pursue all my dreams with a clear focus. Besides education, the kind of life one experiences in campus teaches a lot about life outside school.

There are numerous differences between my pre-campus years and the post-campus years. To start with, I grew up in a rural background, so I was not used to interact with strangers; I had limited circle of friends, world views, and beliefs. I was comfortable with my small world and could not see it changing. However, all this changed the day I stepped into St. Martins College.

In campus, there are people from very different backgrounds you can never think of. Though shy at first, I was amazed by my new surroundings; I met and interacted with people from all over the world. I made friends with some Asians in my business class and also met students from other different states, as well as from Canada and the United Kingdom. The good thing was that we shared our different stories and experiences hence increasing our world views.

After sharing a class with a student from Kenya, I got rid of my misunderstandings concerning cultures, there was so much at stake to learn. After four years in college, I was ready to embrace the world, for example, I did not mind working in Asia or Africa for I was prepared. I learnt how to make new friends despite the different backgrounds.

College also prepared me well for employment, because I did not know what to pursue while in high school. I pursued a degree in business, and I am working my way to being a C.E.O at the moment. It really improved my chances of getting a job as I did not spend a lot of time looking for a work, I landed a job within the first month of attachment. If most young people went to college, the unemployment rate would go down significantly. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree, and I know my earning potential will double. I have a couple of friends who did not study in college; they earn less than me, and they also have lower space for growth.

I also believe that college has made my life happier than before since I am proud of my country as a citizen and I am a very productive one for that matter. College has given me the necessary tools to be a happy human being and contribute to the society and the world at large. With a college degree, one receives more opportunities and more choices in life as well. Compared to those who could not go to college, I believe I enjoy a better health than they. This is because I have the necessary knowledge concerning my health and environment.

I want to encourage everyone out there to pursue education to the highest level. While there may be hardships in life that hinder people from going to school, the government should make sure that everyone gets the chance. A college education has a positive impact on people’s life, for example, the world opens to graduates the moment they get out of college. College education avails people with better job opportunities and the potential to earn more money when employed. Higher education increases knowledge about life and the environment at large; it gives insight into how to embrace various opportunities in life and hence makes one achieve whatever goal he or she has set.


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