Personal Statement
Change is perhaps the only constant in this world. Everything changes and change
determines the kind of person one is. Those who embrace change are people who are most likely
to succeed in life and those who avoid change are the ones who end up running away from every
viable opportunity in life. I daresay I am the kind of person who welcomes change and accepts it
as it comes. My transferring to another school is perhaps one of the most significant changes
that I had to make with my life at this point and I believe that this change will firmly plot my
route towards wider horizons and better opportunities.
My two years attending a school that was not a community college to begin with taught
me one thing – that investing in my education is investing in my future and that future should
have the best of investments, hence the decision of transferring to another college. Even at this
point, I am aware that my early academic background will ultimately spell out how I fare in the
competitive world of college and post graduate education. The college that I am transferring
from does not offer the best academic foundations in the arts and their programs are not
excellently designed to address concerns of artist students. I should say that I view myself
differently from other students because apart from my desire to supplement my talent with
definitive and holistic academics, I am also an artist. I believe it is not bragging to say that as an
artist I require more customized learning because of my demands and I feel that my current
college is not satisfying my demands and cravings for the learning that I hope to acquire. On the
outset, I am aware that any kind of education is beneficial to the recipient, however, in cases
where students require special attention, as in the case of artists, a curriculum designedspecifically to prepare for future exposures to this field of profession would be a very welcome
I look at the world differently, and from my perspective, it has so much more to offer
than whatever it is that I am getting now. I am confident that transferring to another college that
will offer me a more fortified foundation in the arts would help me greatly and in the
development and improvement of my inherent talents. I feel that there is so much more out there
that I can learn and such learning would definitely give me a strong foothold, both academically
and culturally.
Later, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in fine arts and the way it is now, I don’t think I
am getting the kind of preparation that I need for this future goal of mine. While I personally
engage myself in activities that are aimed at nurturing my talents, I feel that such is not enough
to prepare me for the more complex and intricate world of post-graduate education.
My entire life has always been a mix of routinary and ordinary activities and transferring
to another school would give me that much needed opportunity to explore my horizons and
discover more innovative strategies and approaches of creative expression. Of course, there are
challenges that I will have to deal with when I transfer to another institution, but for a person
who welcomes and embraces change; these challenges are merely part of a desire for more
individual progress and development.
Art changes; this has been see as one artistic period evolves into another, and through all
these changes art has only become more beautiful and more inclusive of the thoughts and
emotions of man; for whom it exists. Like the art that I love, I want to evolve, and in my
evolution, I want to become more beautiful in my craft and in my profession; I want to be able to
mirror the thoughts and emotions of the people I create my art for; ultimately, I want experienceand be part of that change – the kind of change that turns winter into spring, and to summer; the
kind of change that coaxes out a radiant butterfly from a lowly caterpillar. This life change I am
determined to take is my metamorphosis.


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