Select the best answer to each questions.
1. Joe Researcher asks for access to patient records as part of a research project. What should the health
information manager do?
C. Tell Joe to submit his request to an institutional review board if he doesn’t have authorizations from
all of the patients.
2. Dr. Jones runs a rehab facility and is treating a psychotic drug user. The patient suddenly abandons
the facility, leaving a note that he plans to kill his ex-wife today. The patient has left behind his
antipsychotic medicine that he must take every two hours. Dr. Jones
A. may not release this information because it’s confidential.
3. Judge Jones is hearing a motion to order release of substance abuse records pursuant to a subpoena.
The hearing
C. must be heard in chambers and sealed from public scrutiny.
4. The newspaper phones a rehab clinic and asks if Sally Celebrity is a patient and what is her status.
The clinic should
B. lie and say she’s not if, in fact, she’s there.
5. Sally lives with her mother. She wants an HIV test but is afraid her mother or her employer will
somehow learn the results, especially if they have to be reported to health officials. Sally should
C. have the test performed in a state that permits anonymous testing.
6. Dr. Bob examines Billy but neglects to make notes about the examination. Six months later, he
remembers and makes notes. If there’s litigation and the notes are offered into evidence, what
admissibility problems has Dr. Bob created?
A. Entry not made at the time of the event
7. Dr. Bob applies for medical staff privileges at General Hospital. The hospital administrator
D. is required to query the Data Bank or to make other reasonable efforts to determine Dr. Bob’s
8. Dr. Bob is found to have malpracticed and has his staff privileges suspended for 90 days. The hospital
B. should report this to the National Practitioner Data Bank.
9. Dr. Bob’s computerized records are damaged by a power surge. Which of the following is most true?
D. Dr. Bob is at fault unless he had proper surge protection devices in place.
10. Dr. Bob’s computerized records have been compromised by a hacker, resulting in damages to
patients. Which of the following is most true?
C. Dr. Bob will be liable.


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