Last year I was given the opportunity to attend a summer camp at Purdue University with a full paid scholarship. The time that I spent there was very exciting and yet challenging. I got to meet new people and new friends, and the class that I had chosen tested my skills and intelligence. This year, I have been given another chance to challenge myself at a higher level, and be able to attend newer classes that interest me. I hope that this year will be as much fun and enjoying as last year.

As mentioned earlier, a new level of academics is put into this program, and there are also more difficult classes. This time around, I have chosen to be in “Experimental Chemistry” and “Mini Med School.” The reason that I want to take these classes is because they will benefit me in my learning. When I get grown, I want to be a cardiovascular surgeon, and I believe that I can gain useful knowledge from these courses. The previous year I attended the “Comet” program, and I also chose to be in “Mini Med School.” We were able to dissect some things, including a cow’s heart, and the teacher made the class much more enjoyable. Therefore, I have chosen the classes that capture my interests, and that I know will help me later on in life.

Part of this program is to have an academic challenge. I believe that working with other advanced students that can progress with me, or ahead of me, will be a good experience. I want an academic challenge because when I start going to college, there will be more difficult courses. I want to be prepared for the dilemmas and I don’t want to be struggling throughout the college years. Although I know that there will be some obstacles, and I wont be ready for every challenge that I meet, I can at least know that I know how to do some things. This academic challenge that I will be faced with early in my life should get me more relaxed about the other difficulties I will soon approach.

Last year was my first time experience in the GERI program. It was so much fun and the counselors were extremely nice. This year I am looking forward to more exciting, and more challenging classes. I want to raise my level of knowledge, and I also want to test my ability of how far I can go. Plus, I want to see if the people from last year’s camp are returning, and I also want to be able to meet new people. Then, there are still many places, that as a Comet, I couldn’t really explore, and now as a Star, I have more independence and freedom to wander around the campus. I could continue with more reasons that I want to come back, but the main reason is that I want to be able to experience the challenges that Purdue University is able to give, and I look forward to enjoying its welcoming.

All in all, this new summer, new and old friends, and this new course will give me a great memory of my young years. The other bright students will make me feel a friendly game of competition, and new friends. I’ll accept an academic challenge because it’s what I need, and it is something that’s now available at my school. I want to return because I’m looking forward to a fun and learning experience put into one. I know that this year will provide it for me.


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