The Rise of Interracial Marriages and Possible Causes

Interracial marriage refers to marriage between individuals from different or diverse races and cultural background. It is true interracial marriages are on the rise and due to this some social scientist have brought forth theories that explain this emerging trend. I chose to research on this topic because currently it is the most talked about issue and a trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. It is on this light and spirit that I have chosen to dig deep and unearth the possible causes to this phenomenon.

The leading factor for interracial marriages is the migration and immigration of people. Migration refers to the movement of people in to different countries. In this case, individuals traverse in to different countries simultaneously. Immigration on the other hand refers to individuals coming into a particular country without necessary causing the natives of that particular country to leave. Immigration is a one-way entry of population with no exit.

A number of factors such as war, drought, diseases, trade, and population pressure bring about these movements and finally availability of scarce resources at a particular place among other factors. These mass movements contribute greatly to intercultural interaction and consequently result in marriages. People exchange their cultural practices a factor that makes the marriages easier and successful.


The basic definition of trade; it is the exchange of goods and services between individuals. (Algora Pub., 2008). Print. Different communities produce different goods, communities interact mutually to exchange goods, and hence an exchange of cultural practices that ultimately leads to marriages. In many cultures, it is an abomination for individuals to marry from members of their own communities. This in essence necessitates a scenario that is permits individuals to marry from different cultures and races


Increase civilization has opened up the world and turned it in to a global village. Modernity has brought about rural to urban migration. Congregation of individuals from different racial backgrounds in the urban centers prompted interracial marriages. Individuals in the urban areas felt less attached to their races due to the exposure in the cities and towns, Meeting individuals with new trends and cultural practices impacts greatly on the victims a situation that results in one abandoning his /her culture to pick up the new trend.

Technological advancement

Human civilization has experience many faces ranging from the agrarian revolution, the industrial age and the information age. We are now in the information age and online communication and interaction is the norm of the day. Individuals mutually meet and interact online more than they do it physically (Leistyna, Pepi, 1996). Online interaction is one of the key contributors to the rising interracial marriages. People connect with others from diverse racial backgrounds, share ideas, and even strike marital agreement only to meet and formalize arrangements later on. Introduction of the internet made this interaction very easy in that individuals use their cell phone to interact even at the comfort of their homes.

Population pressure

Human population is on steady rise and this rise pushes individuals to interact with others from diverse races. Natural resources are scarce in nature and due to this scarcity individuals must come together to share the little resources available. This mutual interaction in resources results in interracial marriages. Children resulting from such marriages tend to pick on the cultural and racial practices that are predominant in their areas of settlement.


Education brings together people from all over world to share a common knowledge. During the process of sharing knowledge culture and race forms part of the knowledge shared. This brings about understanding of why some individuals practice certain cultural values. This understanding makes interaction easier and consequently marriages. Some scholars leave their countries on scholarship basis to go and pursue education in foreign countries. During their time there some decide to marry and remain in those foreign countries permanently…”


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