For this research paper, you will critically review the study by Gruenewald and Pridemore (2009) that used historical data, a type of unobtrusive measure.

This week?s research paper will be part of a final paper in week twelve. This week?s research paper along with weeks 6, 8, and 11, will be summarized in your paper for

week 12.
1.Describe the strengths and weaknesses of using an unobtrusive method such as historical or archival data.
2.Describe the article’s purpose, hypothesis and goals. a.Purpose: In a sentence or two, state the author’s purpose in writing the article by summarizing what the

author was trying to do.
b. Assumptions or Hypotheses: Tell what the author believes about the topic, or describe the hypotheses if the author provided hypothesis statements. If this is an

empirical research article, the author will usually state one or more hypotheses.

3.Methods: a.What data did the author(s) use?
b.What methods did the author(s) use to analyze the data?
c.Identify the authority of the author by determining if the author had personal experience with the research topic or if the author relied on outside research to

support his or her opinion.

4.Conclusion: State the findings of the study (only the main points) by briefly stating what the author found from the research. This should be done in no more than

three paragraphs.

5.Critique: Provide your opinion of the article. Pinpoint how you feel about the central theme of the article, whether or not the author provided support for his or

her conclusions, and how the article/research project could have been better. Determine if there was a bias in the article on behalf of the researcher. If you identify

prejudice, state the source of the bias.

6.Implications: Explain the implications of the findings for criminological theory and/or criminal justice practice.

7.In addition to the course materials, use other scholarly resources to support your arguments.

Your assignment should be 3-4 page(s) in length.

Three to five peer-reviewed journal articles are required.

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