Project Space Essay Prompt:
Individually, you will be asked to tie relevant themes, readings, and findings for this project in an
essay due on November 5th.
In a 1000 word essay I would like you to reflect on the concepts of Space that we have been
talking about over the past few weeks. Some of the issues you might consider can be:
How has your definition of Space changed?
What does Space ask of you? (For example, how does it dictate behavior?)
In what ways does the theme of consumer culture shape and define Space? Give specific examples.
What do you see as being the “politics” of Space? In other words, how does gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, culture, class, etc. affect the way that space is presented and constructed? For example, think about the politics of a public bathroom. Aren’t there some inherent assumptions being made about the people that will ultimately transition through this space? Provide at least one example of how you interpret the politics of space in your essay. Be sure to be specific.
What are your overall impressions of the Project Space design assignment? You may want to talk about the difficulties you encountered, the innovations you discovered, the ideas that tie space-population-economies, or how you see yourself fitting into this rapidly changing world of real estate and consumption.
You can use the prompts from the in-class Moodle writing assignments. Use these as springboards to expand further on your notions of space. Make sure they are connected to the thread (thesis) of your essay.
You can compare and contrast existing spaces. Be sure to include any or all of the issues that are in this prompt. I’d like you to analyze how different spaces may mean completely different things, and in which way the space is able to do this.
What does small space living mean? In what ways does a person who lives in small spaces have to adapt? Do you think humanity/society is capable of these changes?
These are just some questions that you will have to consider when coming up with a thesis for your essay. If you are having trouble coming up with a thesis, simply think about all of the discussions we have been having regarding Space. If you can come up with a statement/opinion about all of this, it can more than likely be shaped into a thesis statement. Consider the statement: “Small space living is not a realistic possibility for people in our society.” Now, if you feel as though you can argue for this statement by incorporating the issues in the above questions, it would be a suitable thesis statement. Still, this is just an example, and is quite extreme, but can be argued for. Your thesis statement should be your own, but also must be a statement that that can be argued for. Finally, be sure to include relevant sources, either from
what I have provided on Moodle or from your own outside research. I would like you to have at least 3 secondary sources for this assignment.

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