If someone tells me that climate is constantly changing and nature is not stable, I would try to assure him that nature is perfectly stable in the major trends and developments. We are changing every day, time makes us different. As well as we cannot enter the same river twice, we will not be able to be exactly the same as we were yesterday, as today we are one day older.

Nature is more alive than anything else and we are a part of it. Therefore, if we change, nature cannot remain the same. People keep talking about climate change for at least another century. In fact, during this century the climate was as stable as before and changes were always in place. It is probably a different way of looking at the clime change, but at least it gives me a belief that nature has its cycle and changes are all natural.
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Twenty years ago ozone hole was in top lines of the magazines and predicted possible death of the planet population in twenty years. Today we talk about global warming, still alive and have somewhat forgotten about the ozone problem. Climate change is a global issue, as we often hear about it on radio and TV, generally followed by strong and convincing call for action. We all desire to act for another hour and then slowly calm down, switching TV to another channel.

One thing remains constant: our discussions are gaining spin, at the same time creating bigger and bigger gap with real actions that are taken against the change that we, as human race, bring to nature to make the evolution forced and facilitated. With all these debates without actions, it…..

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