How many times during the last year have we heard about global warming? How many other topics have received this amount of attention and TV time? How many works have been published that are dedicated to various aspects of this problem? And the answer is “a lot”! These discussions create controversial feedback, varying from fear, annoyance and ignorance to interest and curiosity. These feelings, however, make us constantly interested in the topic and I would like to use this opportunity today.

People are very different, but we are similar in some fundamental aspects. Saying that I think about main motivators that make us be involved in some of the happenings and activities. For example, recent wild fires in Russia turned international media upside down and made a lot people look at the effects of global warming from extreme and new angle – real threat. People have a tendency to perceive things through personal experience and this personal experience is, perhaps, major driving force of progress.

We have spent enough time looking at the coming global warming and trying to predict nature’s behaviour. Only this year, people started to be involved and affected by actual events. Flooding and snow in Latin America and Asia, extreme hot weather in Central Europe – at least one third of the world has touched some of the dangers and consequences of it. And apart from the same question that we have been asking ourselves for the last decade: “What is next?” international media now gave a kick off to the new concern: What will be our response to the nature?

At some point of time we started to believe that…..

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