Once upon a time there was a confident boy who always gave the same reply to the same question about who he wants to be in future. He was confident that his life assignment is to be a military person and serve to the good and benefit of his motherland. The time of choice has come and he entered the military university to make the first step towards his dream and his destiny. Everything was according to plan and everyone supported his decision. There was one single problem – he realized that he was not happy. When this understanding came to him, he was completely lost. It is frustrating and destructive to realize that your dream does not make you feel like the dream should.

Young man was trying to convince himself that he was wrong and then the reason was somewhere else, but all in vain. On a regular day he woke up as usual, took his katana and went for karate class. He learned the basics of Japanese through self-studying and was extremely interested in the Japanese culture. Unfortunately, military classes took all his time and he could not dedicate time to his hobbies.
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One day he woke up with a…

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