The word “respect” has been recently used more and more frequently thanks to rap and hip-hop culture. Young people regard it as a popular word and pepper their speech with it every now and then. However, some people nowadays have very little idea of the meaning this word bears.

First of all, respect is a feeling of gratitude to older generation for everything they have done for us. Our parents and grandparents have sacrificed a lot to raise us, and to help them in any trifle matter is the least thing we can do for them. They deserve being listened to, as they have a lot of life experience and can give us a valuable advice. What they do not deserve is the contempt the younger generation shows in a hurry to live their own independent lives. Secondly, respect is tolerance to people of other cultures, religions and world outlooks. Every person is unique, so being different is the right we have received since our birth. We should realize it and accept people the way they are without trying to change them or impose our beliefs on them. Last but not least, respect is belief in yourself and in your own strength. You should never let other people bring you down. Choose your way and pursue your dream. No doubt, you will meet a lot of challenges, but they will only make you stronger and more proud when you finally reach your goal.

All in all, respect is a complex notion, which is made up of a number of components. Therefore, if you say ´´respect´´, remember that it is not a meaningless word but rather a set of guidelines we ought to follow.

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