Every person is different and all of us have different tastes in food, books, sport and, of course, music. Rock music takes its roots back in 1940-1950s and as an individual music style it has inherited a lot from rock and roll, country music and blues. Two of the major musical instruments that determine the concept of rock are drums and bass guitar. The sound, born from these instruments is strong, powerful and can be conceptualized to the entire rock music. It is remarkable that rock lovers are considered to be the most passionate fans.

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Very often the society evidenced transformation of rock from a music style into whole culture or, at least, life style. What is so special about rock music and what makes millions of people of different ages, cultural and educational backgrounds fall in love with its sound? I believe the answer is that the distinguishing characteristic of rock is the freedom of thought, as well as choice given to people who love it. The philosophy behind rock music is deep enough to direct people, but, at the same time, is open to leave the rock lovers room for creativity and personal emotions. Probably, this freedom is the main reason why rock has fans in all the age ranges and people remain loyal to this music style throughout their life.

Whether you like music or not, or, more specifically, appreciate rock music, it is difficult to…..

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