Sample essay on Siemens CSR:

Siemens is an international company that deals with electronics. Over the years, the company has stood for technical achievements, quality, reliability and innovation. Siemens is the leading provider of technologies that are eco-friendly. In terms of energy efficiency, healthcare that is personalized and industrial productivity, Siemens is the pioneer.

What Siemens can leverage

Siemens can employ several strategies in order to leverage. The strategies will lead to long term growth of the company. One of such strategies is sustainability which means that the company will act responsibly in order to cater for future generations. The main aim of sustainability is to achieve social, economic and environmental progress (Voien 205)

To achieve efficiency, Siemens is providing products that are innovative in the area of environment. The company is also aimed at providing solutions that will improve the Eco balance of its customers and that of itself. When it comesto business, the company mainly focuses on the creation of long term values. The company also fosters its employees so that they can be good citizens in the areas where the company operates.

By implementing CSR, the company focuses on such issues as Innovation, human rights, diversity, employee qualifications and sustainability in the supply chain. All the members of the company contribute to sustainability of the company by carrying corporate functions such as those related to health, environment and safety.

In order to be strategic in the market, Siemens can employ some strategic methods. First, it can expand its environment portfolio in order to increase its target and generate more revenue. The company can also come up with solutions that will assist in reducing greenhouse emissions by advancing green innovations.

The other key strategy would be the involvement of stakeholders. This can be done by exchange of ideas by increasingly collaborating with organizations which will help them improve their sustainability. It is also crucial for the company to improve dialogue with stakeholders. Another strategy that the company can adopt is innovativeness (Voien 208). This can be achieved by unleashing creativity, potential and energy of their employees. The company should also strive to measure the success of their strategies by basing them on the feedback they get from their customers.

The company should on a continuing basis update their portfolio with an aim to providing solutions to challenges that the society is facing. This will enable the company to provide sustainable values. With an aim to engage employees, the company can employ modern modes of social media such as Facebook and twitter. Such platforms for communication will enable the company to give employees a sense of freedom as they adopt modern modes of interaction and communication. Use of Microsoft technology will also enable the company to engage employees in the activities of the company.

Siemens should also encourage democratic participation of employees in the activities of the company (Voien 218). This will enable the employees have a feeling of ownership of community programs and eventually efficiency will be improved in the long run.

Panasonic Corporation has extensively used social media in marketing which is a shift from odd marketing strategies and leveraged on Facebook and LinkedIn company pages. Such pages are being used regularly for press release providing customers with an interactive community page for interaction. Panasonic Corporation tweets usually pop-up with messages proving customers with latest booths to visits, at the same time providing customers and the corporation with a platform to share their views and opinions on the company products.

In conclusion, the CSR issues of Siemens are critical for the success and sustainability of the company. Customers of the company should be engaged so that they can give feedback on the products and services of the company.

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