Abstract This is a concise summary of the aim of the project, the general methodology used, results and conclusions.
Introduction / Literature Review An introduction to the system that you are using, what you were going to do in the experimental part of the report and why.  It should include background on what other studies have been done in the area of the investigation.  Any resource material used to write this section must be cited in the text using APA referencing (Author/date format).  Make sure that the aim of the investigation is very clear.
Method This details what experimental work was carried out.  Enough information must be provided to allow another researcher to repeat the experiment(s), assuming a basic level of practical scientific ability.  Note – this needs to be written in paragraph format.
Results This section presents the results in a clear and concise manner.  It may include tables and graphs to display the data, but must also include a summary of the results as text.
Discussion This section discusses the results as they relate to the aim of the investigation.  It may include speculation on the implications of the results, suggestions to overcome experimental/technical problems and how the investigation might be carried forward.  Any resource material presented in this section must also be cited.
Conclusion This is a brief section that presents the overall conclusions from the investigation in relation to the aim.
Bibliography A record of any source materials cited in the paper; in APA format.

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