God gave us freedom to think, speak, learn, create and visualize and for once the word “freedom” vanishes from our law and we can hardly think of surviving the day. “The Patriot blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree”, Thomas Campbell rightly said. If it wasn’t the sacrifice of the devoted people, real patriots of our country we still be lingering in chains on the soil of our own lands. Our hearts would still be slaves to the tyrants who invade innocent bodies to curb their own fears. This day we all stand to salute efforts, heroic sacrifices and bravery of great soldiers that resulted in beautiful nation as ours.
The fourth of July is celebrated as the day when the Independence of America was proclaimed. The Declaration of Independence defines America’s foundation, independence and the basic freedoms that this nation strives to exemplify, such as “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. America was reincarnated on this day. Since that fortunate day we are progressing in every sphere of life: social, political and economical.

Dreams are captured and turned into reality here, provisions for equality to all people are given and active economic policies are framed to balance the financial status of the country. Our concerns are not just safety and integrity of our people but are also globally extended for human survival, peace and environmental issues. We are looking forward to a nation that is said to be super power and is working on harmony of the world, standing against terrorism, checking on global warming.

Let’s do justice to people who have made…

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