Three articles will be provided for each article only three paragraphs in separate word document, details below: 
Three paragraphs only, author information and thesis in paragraph one, evidence from the author’s point of view in paragraph two, your response (a small argument) in paragraph three.
Each summary should be 400-500 words and be written in the following format: The summary should have 3 paragraphs- no more and no less.
 Paragraph 1 (usually around 100 words) 
1.  List the title and author 
2.  Provide reasons why the author, and or publish, contributes to the credibility of the information. Usually, but not always, this is in the form of professional credentials. Try to make it factual, as in providing a very short bio for the author. 
3.  Attached the authors thesis (write it in a sentence or two) at the end of the paragraph. 
  Paragraph 2 (usually around 200 words) 
a. Paragraph 2 contains the main supporting evidence for the thesis. It can also 
contain the counterargument, when appropriate.
Paragraph 3 (usually similar in size to paragraph 2- about 200 words) 
a. Paragraph 3 contains your response. It is a small argument. It can disagree with the author, disagree with a significant piece of evidence, or extend the author’s argument. It should not simply agree with the author. 
In creating a short efficient summary, you will find that there is no room for an introduction at the beginning. Use the author’s information to lead into the thesis. Also, I ask that you do not use any quotes from the articles. Remember that paragraphs 1 and 2 are objective, completely from the author’s point of view. You should not evaluate any of the information in the first two paragraphs. Paragraph three is your own ideas, supported by reasoning and evidence. 
Article 1 :
Article 2 :
Article 3:

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