Tom, who is a technologist on the afternoon (3-11) shift, has requested two weeks off during a peak vacation period. Unfortunately, several coworkers have already been granted vacation time during the same two-week period. Tom has a reputation for not helping coworkers when they request it of him. In fact, his coworkers often refuse his request to switch shifts with him so he can have time off. While informing Tom that his request for vacation has been denied, he questions why. He states that he covers for John—who works the graveyard (11-7) shift—”all the time” when he calls in sick or is late.
Why is each of the four options good or bad options? Answer all four questions following the writing guidelines.
Should you Dismiss Tom’s accusation because you believe that he is lashing out in anger? Why or why not?
Confront Tom with John’s Time and Attendance records? Why or why not?
Talk to technologists on both shifts to collaborate Tom’s accusation? Why or why not?
Gather more information from Tom and then investigate John’s records? Why or why not?
Submit one paper using concepts from the textbook and an additional resource. Follow the writing guidelines (title page, double-spaced, 1” margins, APA style for in-text references). This paper should be 1.5 to 3 pages in length.

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