“I attended my internship in a human resource department of a very renowned Multinational bank.
The bank is known as the Barclays bank, which was founded in 1690. The Global bank headquarters are based in London in the United States of America. The bank boasts of more than 50 million customers across the globe. The bank is valued at around 3 trillion dollars thus been ranked amongst the top ten richest banks in the world. The bank focuses on providing four main services to its customers. These services include retail banking, commercial banking, investment banking and investment management. The main value of the bank is to assist its customers to achieve financial freedom to enable them transform their lives positively. The bank directed its efforts towards ensuring the American citizens would be able to save for their future. I got the chance to work in the bank headquarters of the Arizona state. I worked in the human resource department where I worked as a customer care officer. My duties were to attend to customers who were having problems with their mortgage accounts. This was the busiest section of the customer care services section since most customers operated a mortgage account. The problems encountered by the customers vary from one customer to another. This was because the customers came from different walks of life thus they encountered different problems. The bank sought to ensure that their customers’ queries were addressed effectively to create a better relationship with its customers. The bank emphasized on giving quality services to its customers to prevent them from being poached by its rivals. The rival banks such as the Standard chartered Bank were treated with a lot of high regard to ensure high competition levels. The mortgage section also sought to educate employed young people on the need of securing their mortgages early. This was to enable them to be able to pay for their mortgage loans before retiring from their jobs. This campaign sought to reduce the number of homeless people in the State of Arizona. This would also ensure the elderly people would not face a financial crisis after retirement. The campaign attracted a lot of young men who were fascinated in owning their own houses before retirement age clocked. The bank gained its popularity due to its flexible mortgage terms. These terms competed positively against harsh mortgage terms set by rival banks, thus ensuring the faster development of the housing market.

The internship program in this department was offered to students on a competitive basis. There were 100 students who requested permission to work as interns in the bank. The students were interviewed and shortlisted for the few internship positions in the bank. The bank considered several key factors before coming up with the list of successful applicants. I successfully emerged successful in a group of ten candidates who permitted to work as interns in the bank. The bank considered three major factors before drawing the list of successful applicants. The bank decided to put into consideration academic brilliance, oratory skills and family ties. The family ties were highly considered to ensure nepotism did not take place in the huge financial giant. The oratory skills were also highly regarded to ensure their customers were offered adequate information and reliable feedback. This would ensure the customers remained loyal as long as the quality of the services offered was desirable. The employees of the bank were very supportive during my internship programs. They ensured that the senior employees did not bully the interns alongside their juniors. They employees worked hand in hand with the interns to enable them acquire as much knowledge as possible from them. This was done through assisting the interns fill questionnaires for their study. They also ensured the information given to the interns was not misleading thus providing a favorable learning environment…”

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