Sociology Term Paper Online Help

Sociology Term Paper Online Help
Sociologists use three main theoretical perspectives when analyzing the social world, including events both historical and current. Log ontoYahoo.comand choose one of the breaking stories from the “In the News” section(current event or any movie or book related to sociology. . Follow the links given, reading articles and viewing pictures from online newspapers and networks on your chosen story. Next, apply structural functional theory, symbolic interaction theory or conflict perspective to the story, movie or article. This pertains to the overall tone or grand scheme of story.
1, Give brief overview of the intent of your writing assignment.
2. Give brief overview or summary of movie. This should be one or two paragraphs.
a. Explain how Karl Marx and conflict thinkers would view such an event? Is there tension and struggle between groups? Which groups? How is the struggle presented?
b. Explain how Émile Durkheim and functionalist thinkers would examine the story? Can you apply concepts such as manifest functions, latent functions, and dysfunctions? Yes/no explain!
c. Explain how George Herbert Meade and interactionist would view or examine the story?
d. Which perspective did you find to be the most interesting? Is one perspective better suited than the others to analyze the story? Why or why not?
e. Do you feel like theories are relevant in today’s society or outdated and why?
f. What is your overall view of this story and assignment? Did you like/dislike? Why? What if anything did you learn from completing this project?

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