Here is a possible structure of an ethical argument

open with a hook,
• explain how and why the issue is controversial and who is debating it,
• if needed, provide some background information (about the history of it or such)
• end it with a clear ethical claim followed by the major reasons for support

Body text
• Begin with a discussion on the principle (s) that you will use to argue for your position
• Then, continue (in separate paragraphs) with the consequences that support your ethical argument
• Rebuttal: What are some possible objections to your argument? What is your response to these? Remember you need to offer a convincing response that will show that your position is better/superior.

• offer some closure (for specific strategies, check the document How to Write a Conclusion)

The conclusion makes your last pitch. It should not contain new, unprocessed information, new data, or quotes. Always try to end the paper in your own words by giving it a strong, memorable, and effective closure.

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