Male22566YesFemale188910NoMale181098NoFemale19899NoMale23765YesFemale25676YesMale19888NoFemale26666YesFemale17778NoMale25655YesFemale18989 No Female 23656 Yes Male 2081010 No Female 23656 Yes Female 19989 No Male 22565 YesMale20998NoA study was conducted to determine the predictors factors of back pain. The predictors were gender, BMI, knowledge, attitude and practice of handling equipment in manufacturing company.
a.State the dependent and independent variables.
b.State the research question and research hypothesis for this study.
c.What is the suitable statistical test for this study?
d.What are the advantage and disadvantage statistical test in(c)compare to linear regression?
e.Analyze the data according to the statistical test in (c) and give conclusion

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