ThesisIntroduction:-Sugar addiction is the most prevalent, widely practiced and legally accepted addiction in our society.-Types of sugar.-Sugar is in so many things that you can barely count even healthy things.-Sugar is what most people consume on a daily basis.Body:-Why we are addicted to sugar? How can we stop the addiction?-What does the sugar do to your immune system and what is the effects?-How is the sugar harmful; weight gain, teeth decay and the main and deadliest disease cancer.Conclusion:-Sugar is a silent disease you just never see it coming.-Sugar taste so good and makes us happy when we eat it, but think of it before you take the first bite is it worth it?-Some advices for a better health. You dont have to adopt this plan, any plan that concentrates on eating a well-balanced diet can help.
That was my thesis so if the essay could be based on that that would be perfect i would greatly appreciate that.
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