The response essay is an exercise that will pave the way for our next assignment, namely, writing a formal argument essay. The response essay gets you to write a claim (i.e. a thesis) that takes a position and makes an argument. However, the response essay will not require any formal evidence so in many ways it is an opinion piece. The key to starting the response essay resides in the name of the assignment. A response. In this case, you are responding to “A New Deal for Teachers” by Matthew Miller. He offers ideas that you will comprehend, digest, and then reflect on…hopefully, this will prompt you to ask…do I agree with his ideas/proposals? When you answer, you are of course forming a response that is “yours.” That response is a claim
Essay should address the following issues (in order):
INTRODUCTION (first paragraph)
1. In the introduction of the essay, note the fact that you are responding to “A New Deal for Teachers” by Matthew Miller and give a brief summary of the article (a couple of sentences that cover the problem he is addressing and the solution he is offering).
2. In the last sentence of your introductory paragraph, offer your take on Miller’s proposed solution. Specifically, do you think his proposal is a good idea to help solve the issue of teacher quality and the teacher shortage? (Answer this question and state it clearly…your answer is your claim/thesis)
3. In the body paragraphs, explain your answer. Give a few detailed reasons why you think Miller’s proposed solution IS or ISN’T a good idea. Each reason should be a new body paragraph. Try to steer clear of using the same reasons in the original article. I’m interested in your ideas. Provide informal support in the form of your own educational experiences (or those of someone you know) to bolster your reasons. Be as detailed as possible in explaining your reasons and your support. NOTE: Again, do not provide specific outside research. All answers and content should come from you (your thinking/ideas and your experience).
The essay should be 2 full pages in length (minimum).

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