In a document, complete a (APA style) based on the SuperTracker reports.

 Food Groups & Calories Report
 Nutrients Report
 Meal Summary Report

write a separate Reflection Page by answering the 10 question

the paper should be questions and answers only
so each question has its separate answer

the answer should include examples

you answer these questions. Answer the following questions. Use examples in your reflection.

Be sure to SUPPORT your response from your findings. Good example: “I need to eat 3 more servings of fruit each day. From my results I can see that I had only 1 serving of fruit each day. I will eat a fruit at breakfast and lunch every day. I will make a list of my favorite fruits to make sure they are picked up when we go grocery shopping.” Bad example: I need to eat more fruit.

1. What percentage of your diet or total calories comes from fat?

2. Are you consuming enough calories? How many calories should you be consuming daily?

3. Discuss the differences you found between your nutritious diet and your everyday diet.

4. Discuss the quality of your nutritious diet as well as other things you learned from doing this lab.

5. What surprised you about the food and drink you consumed over the week?

6. What trends or patterns of behavior did you notice?

7. Are you deficient in Iron, Riboflavin, Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acids? If so, explain your
plan to reach your recommended daily needs.

8. Were you lacking in any other major nutrients? If so, what are some changes you can make to
your diet to increase your intake of this nutrient?

9. Did you have extra amounts of any nutrients? Were you surprised by this? What changes can
you make to adjust this?

10. What did you like about this assignment?


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