I need to come up with a short simple way to breakdown a clients return for someone who knows nothing about finance and taxes.etc…….
maybe a 1 or 2 page.

you want to build a solid business with constant trust with clients, than you need to simplify the tax return to your own cookie sheet or a short form of explanation. Majority of successful people want 2 minute visual of there taxes. If looks like a simple and fast explanation they will love you and Bragg. Therefore we need to develop a system below than less aggravation or phone calls from clients and more of a intelligent response from clients, the link below is what they want to see…..this is what we should work on. Most client want more attention from accounts and most accountants want to spend less time with clients make more money profit wise, well deliver a simpler explanation of the bottom line and its a win win. If not clients some will trust you and some will question your empathy and credibility. As the old adage says “nobody cares How much you know until they know how much you care”.

Anyways just my thoughts, I believe a short explanation helps me….

Please click on the link below which will show you the case that needs to be worked on:

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