United States left World War II in August 1945 following Japanese surrendering after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The U.S strengths were its remarkable production capacity of sophisticated weapons and while it’s main weakness was protection. Harry S. Truman laid groundwork for post WWII liberalism by forming coalitions that brought together organized labor and liberals thus enabling him to focus on his goals for domestic affairs while Dwight Eisenhower set the tone for post WWII conservatism by retaining most approaches to the social, economic and political issues and only changing the laws and approaches that hindered economic growth from the witnessed depression. McCarthyism affected the American society and culture negatively since it made many people live in fear, it destroyed peoples careers and tarnished their reputation in the society thus creating divisions in the society(Adams, 2000).

I think fifties is viewed as the ideal period in the American history since it is when most advancement was experienced mainly due to the end of World War II meaning there was peace and people now had returned to nation building. To me, this post World War II period is a high point in American history since many advancements occurred during this period: entertainment industry flourished, civil rights were introduced, technological advancements were witnessed etc (Adams, 2000).

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