Shoppers Drugs Mart Corporation is a chain large of Canadian pharmacy that has over 1000 branches in nine provinces and in Pharmaprix in Quebec. Shoppers Drugs Mart Corporation was started by Murray Koffler.  The shops offer normal dispensing chemist’s facilities like prescription, advising of patients and other patient support services under a sub-brand called the HealthWatch. The Drugs Mart also offers beauty aids, cosmetics, health, fragrances other daily general products. Some of other Drugs Mart brands that include some private labels also offer foodstuff. Shoppers Drugs Mart has been regarded as one of the most fitting retail dealers in Canada for home health care products and services.

Shoppers Drug Mart has been uniquely organized and friendly when it comes to its services. For instance, Shoppers Drug Mart has uses the Shoppers Optimum Card, which is a loyal package in which customers earn points for every dollar spent then cashes them in for credit on any product in its store (Shoppers Drug Mart 2010).





In Billion dollars

Prevention Drugs




Drugs Initiatives




Resource Personnel








Network drawing for the Shoppers Drug Mart organization

E-Business services offered by Shoppers Drug Mart website

The Shoppers Drug Mart website offers numerous services. Some of these include;

  • Allowing the registered customers to check their balances online.
  • Allowing the registered customers to change, modify or update their profiles.
  • Letting the clients check out the new and existing optimum offers and their status on these offers.
  • Letting clients to transfer of cash the points earned from the offers.
  • Letting clients to refill their prescriptions online.
  • The website also advertises any new products and/ or promotions to the views.

For the Shoppers Drug Mart website to operate ecommerce, it has to be properly designed first. It should allow for the chosen payment option. For instance, PayPal, wire transfer or electronic payment. In addition, the website should give information on when the clients should expect charges from their credit cards and whether the clients will receive any confirmation email when the charge is made. The website has to have a validity tool also. This will enable monitoring especially during registration and login to avoid jokers. The website also should have a disclaimer agreement to ensure that less legal issues arise from negligence of some clients.

The website has to indicate the transaction currency clearly and not assume that the clients know that. This is because the internet will have worldwide clients visit the website. This currency information could also include a currency conversion tool to help clients to approximate charges. Another item that should be included is an export restrictions details which show the awareness of the products that you sell. A privacy statement should also be included because it ensures that the clients’ data is confidential (Cole, J. 2010).

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