Please answer ONE (1) of the following questions. The answer should be 4-6 pages long, double spaced, 12 font. No footnoting is required.
Question 1
Many businesses are suffering during this pandemic. Please advise a small/medium business that is nearing insolvency, as to the best business options for the business, The owner wants to continue with the business, but would like to consider all the options such as bankruptcy. The owner wishes to avoid bankruptcy, if possible.
Question 2
The federal Competition Bureau plays a central role in the regulation of big business in Canada. What are the functions of this Bureau? What are its goals? Does the Bureau, in your opinion, meet its purposes in the regulation of Canadian business?
Question 3
Some employers use constructive dismissal as a method of terminating an employee. What is your view of this method of termination? Is it fair? Is it effective? What are the possible repercussions for the employer and employee?

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