Paper Two
Touch Behaviors

For this paper, you will need to complete two parts. The first part of the paper is a series of questions about your own touching behaviors (see Chapter 4). The second part will utilize the answers from a provided scenario (details below). Your final paper should be at least three full pages, deductions will occur for those who fail to meet this requirement. Be sure to include a title page and the grading sheet with your paper. This paper is due October 30, 2014.

The goal of this assignment is to understand how touch influences your interactions with other people in everyday interactions.

Directions for Part 1:
To begin, you should answer the four questions below in approximately 1-2 pages. You should answer each question and think about the reasons you answered the way you did. This section is worth 15 points.

Questions below about your own touching behavior:
Am I toucher? Why or why not.
Do people touch me more?
What types of relationships do I have with the people I touch? (e.g., romantic partner, friend, etc.)
What do I try to communicate when touching?
Directions for Part 2:
Using the answers you just provided, pick one of the following scenarios. For the biggest impact, you should pick a scenario that is opposite of your normal touching patterns. Once you pick the scenario, you need to apply this scenario to your everyday life and interaction partners. Meaning you will need to “act out” this scenario with some relational partner – a romantic partner, a friend, a parent, etc. DO NOT tell the other person in the interaction that you are altering your touching behaviors; rather, you should alter your behaviors according to the scenario and observe what happens. Once your interaction is over, answer the following questions about your experience. This response should be around 2 pages in length. This section is worth 25 points.

1. When interacting with a conversation partner, do not touch them at all. You should avoid touch at all costs even if they attempt to touch you.
2. When interacting with a conversation partner, you should touch them a lot. Your touch should be continuous and constant.

Now answer the following questions:
Who did you interact with?
What type of conversation were you having with this person when you began acting out the scenario?
What was their reaction to your touching behaviors?
How did the conversation flow?
What are your reactions and feelings to using the touching behavior in the scenario?
Grading Sheet for Paper Two
(Staple this to the back of your paper)

Section 1 – Analyzing my own behaviors (15 points)

_____/ 5: Clear introduction to paper. Preview and state the purpose of the paper.

_____/ 10: Each of the 4 questions is thoroughly answered. Answers should be complete, full sentences, not one-word answers and focus on your own touching behaviors.

Section 2- Explaining the interaction (25 points)

_____/ 5: The scenario that was enacted, touching or not touching, should be provided.

_____/ 15: Each of the 5 questions should be answered. The answers should be complete, provide details about the interaction, and give information about the outcome of the interaction.

_____/ 5: Clear conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the paper and revisit the thesis statement from the introduction. This should be a wrap-up and review of the paper.

Style and writing (10 points)

_____/ 5: The paper was clearly written. The paper flowed from introduction to conclusion. Spelling and punctuation mistakes were primarily avoided.


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