1. Undertake a critical review of the literature regarding
‘employability’. Consider the current market place for graduates and choose a career path informed by career theory” (up to 1.400 words, worth of 35%).
(Part 1, please use the attached template 1 for details on content and recommended structure);
2. Informed by part 1, provide a theoretically informed detailed personal career plan based on a reflective self-assessment of your knowledge, skills and abilities mapped against your prospective employer requirements and job role (up to 1.600 words, worth of 40%).
3. Provide a supporting set of toolkit results summary (including key results and themes) and selection tools as evidence of module engagement and skill development.
Important note: You must retain a copy of all your completed toolkits as your Tutor may ask to view your ‘working documents’.
For further guidance on relevant content to structure parts 2 and 3 please see enclosed templates with notes provided in red.

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