Unit 4: Team Project Status Report

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Unit 4: Team Project Status Report


In this unit, the Project Manager will submit a formal Team Project Status Report on behalf of the team.

Due Date

  • Due by Sunday 11:59 P.M., CT.


  1. Your project status report should include the following
  2. Cover memo
  • Purpose of the project
  • Time period
  • Project status (in the percentage of completion)
  • Brief summary of work accomplished, problems and solutions, timeline
  • Conclusion to highlight the most critical issues
  1. Report
  • Overview of the project
  • Summary of what should have been accomplished up to this point
  • Summary of what was actually accomplished up to this point
  • Summary of all problems encountered
  • Summary of how problems will be approached and resolved
  • Summary of changes made to the overall schedule for each task
  1. Check the formatting and layout of your report before submitting

o    Use of appropriate headers and subheaders

o    Clear organization

o    Spelling and grammar checks

o    Clear and professional writing

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