Unit 8: Self-Reflective Essay

HC 491 Week 8 Discussion 2 Assignment Help

Unit 8: Self-Reflective Essay


You are to engage in a reflective exercise. You are not expected to provide peer responses for this assignment, but you are welcome to share insights with your peers should you choose to do so.


Below are the course learning outcomes (CLOs), which can be physically located under the course overview module. Now that you are nearing the conclusion of the course, I would like for you to discuss just how prepared you feel you are in terms of addressing each outcome. 

(Note to ID: See pre-contract outline for CLOs. Remove this note before publishing)

  • Insert CLO 1
  • Insert CLO 2
  • Insert CLO 3
  • Insert CLO 4
  • Insert CLO 5


Answer all four questions. Number your responses accordingly.

  1. Discuss how prepared you feel in terms of addressing each outcome.
  2. Explain the specific steps (or actions) you will take outside of this course to strengthen your master of the outcomes which you’re still not as comfortable with, if any.
  3. Explain which learning approaches you found most helpful.
  4. Explain how this course strengthened your critical thinking skills.

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