Unit 8: Team Project Deliverable

HC 491 Week 8 Assignment Help 

Unit 8: Team Project Deliverable


Based on provided case scenarios, teams will be accountable for developing and submitting a solution approach with spreadsheet analysis and recommendations for management. This was a course project that ran the length of the course. Each team had a project manager (PM) and no less than two (2) or no more than three (3) members. 



  1. Collate Parts 1 and 2 into a Microsoft Word document. The PM should submit the deliverable on behalf of the team. 

o    There are no page limits associated with this deliverable; however, it is expected the quality of the product will be consistent with that expected of an industry professional. 

o    Special attention should be given to the quality and accuracy of the content; the layout of the content; and ensuring the topics flow logically throughout the document.

o    The submission must adhere to the APA writing style (6th edition).

  1. The PM should submit the deliverable on behalf of the team.
  2. Where necessary, use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to perform financial calculations.

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