Urinary tract infections Essay Discussion

Urinary tract infections Essay Discussion
Your discussion thread title should be the name of the disorder. If possible, you should choose a disorder that has not been chosen by a peer. You can complete your initial post using bullet points or a short answer.
In your initial post, discuss the following questions about your chosen disorder:

Concept and Etiology: How does the disease affect the reproductive and urinary systems in particular? How does it deviate from the definition of health discussed in Module One?
Classification: How is the disease classified?
Clinical Manifestations (Symptoms and Signs): What are the symptoms and signs of the disease or disorder? Be sure you understand the difference between symptoms (subjective) and signs (objective).
Diagnostic Tests: What are some additional diagnostic tests that can be done to illuminate the diagnosis? For example, when you injure your ankle, they take an x-ray to determine if it is broken or sprained. Urinary tract infections Essay Discussion

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