Paper instructions:
Virtual teams are becoming more commonplace given the global diversity of businesses and such business practices as outsourcing and offshoring. Virtual teams may

reside in multiple U.S.-based cities, multiple countries, or a combination of both of these. IT project management is different from other types of projects, and it

may even be more difficult given the complexities associated with networks, computers, and the like. Now add a virtual team to the mix. You can just feel the

complexity grow. Consequently, as an IT project manager, it makes sense for you to tackle the issue head-on and learn how to manage IT projects comprised of virtual

team members.
Task Description
Research and find three recent (within the last five years) articles that discuss virtual teams in an IT project management setting.
Provide a review of each article. In your reviews, at a minimum, briefly discuss advantages, disadvantages, issues, and solutions described by each author. Mention

the industry (such as medical or manufacturing) or situational framework/context.
Based on your reviews and research, identify three advantages, disadvantages, issues, and solutions you believe are the most useful to managing IT projects.

Explain your rationale.

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