Vision for the Future of Nursing Sample

Vision for the Future of Nursing Sample

This Power Point Presentation will show how evidence-based pattern will act upon tendencies in health care and the hereafter of nursing, how the application of nursing theory will go on to act upon professional nursing pattern, the nurse’s current function is in research, every bit good as how new functions and chances will profit nursing and health care in general. Evidence based pattern will act upon tendencies in health care and the hereafter of nursing Harmonizing to Chitty and Black ( 2011 ) , “Evidence-based pattern ( EBP ) means utilizing the best available research findings to do clinical determinations that are most effectual and good for patients” ( p.258 ) . Evidence-based pattern consists of specific nursing intercessions or guideline for the attention of patients with certain unwellness and processs in order to supply best patient results. Before the established of evidence-based pattern, nurses have pattern based their past experience, intuition, and guessing instead than scientific discipline ( Chitty & A ; Black, 2011, p.258 ) .

“The intended consequence of EBP is to standardise health care patterns to science and best grounds and to cut down unlogical fluctuation in attention, which is known to bring forth unpredictable wellness outcomes” ( Stevens, 2013 ) . Implementing evidence-based pattern can be challenges. It is indispensable that nurses gain the necessary cognition and accomplishments to place and analyse the scientific grounds and critically measure the grounds to make up one’s mind if the consequences are valid and dependable. Besides, nurses need to incorporate the grounds with clinical expertness, patient penchants, and values in doing a determination to alter.

Harmonizing to Blais and Hayes ( 2011 ) , “nurses should measure the effectivity of the pattern guideline in order to find whether to go on the pattern guideline as established or whether there is a demand for revision” ( p.184 ) . As the older grownup population is spread outing quickly, they require learning and nursing intercession designed to run into their demands. Plus, patients have become more knowing sing their interventions. Nurses need to remain current and keep aware of new grounds of patterns and implement of evidence-based pattern by prosecuting go oning instruction, go toing professional conferences, and reading diaries ( Chitty & A ; Black, 2011, p.259 ) .

Describes how the application of nursing theory will go on to act upon professional nursing pattern “Nursing as profession is strengthened when nursing cognition is built on as sound theory” ( Chitty & A ; Black, 2011, p.303 ) . Nursing theory is developed to depict nursing, and theories provide a mean of spread outing nursing’s cognition base to run into the demands of the patient in an ever-changing society. Theory-based pattern provides principle for nursing intercessions and directs nurses what to make so as to accomplish best patient attention results. Besides, theory improves pattern by giving nurses cognition for moving and practising suitably in nursing attention and better problem-solving accomplishments when nurses deal with complex state of affairss.

Nursing theory usher nurses each measure of the nursing procedure by utilizing critical thought accomplishment, so the nurses can find what information they need to measure and roll up to explicate nursing diagnosings so as to step in suitably and measure the results. On the other manus, theory provides nurses to dispute the traditional nursing patterns. “Nurses in pattern scenes have priceless penetrations and observations, thereby lending to the cognition base for nursing” ( Chitty & A ; Black, 2011, p.321 ) . By supplying sporadically feedback to nurse research workers and theoreticians, the theory can be related to the existent universe of nursing pattern.

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Describes the nurse’s current function is in researchHarmonizing to Chitty and Black ( 2011 ) , “All nurses should be involved in nursing research whether or non research is a nurse’s primary role” ( p.340 ) . Because of the limited clip to take part in research activities and deficiency of educational readying, nurses find themselves difficult to lend their inputs. Besides, bedside nurses think research function is excessively far off from them. However, what they do routinely constitutes of nursing research. The nursing procedure represents the basic model of the research procedure as assessing, naming, planning, implementing, and measuring.

Nursing research improves the attention of people in clinical scenes and provides evidence-based nursing pattern. As health care and unwellness forms alteration, nursing intercessions must alter to run into the demand of the aging population. Ongoing practice-based research requires the nursing profession’s apprehension and using research theory to run into the ever-changing demands of the patient. In add-on, all nurses have the duty to measure the current pattern by placing the jobs that need to be investigated. Research in nursing provides the avenue for originative, scholarly enterprises driven by a desire to better the attention for patients ( Chitty & A ; Black, 2011, p.270 ) .

Describes how new functions and chances will profit nursing and health care in general Nowadays, nursing profession and nurses face many challenges and meanwhile it provides the chances for the nurses to growing and go proactive to run into the demands of the consumers and the society. For case, alternatively of utilizing review auscultation, tactual exploration, and percussion, now nurses can roll up all the informations such as patient’s bosom rate, respiratory rate and blood force per unit area from the proctor. The advanced medical devices provide convenience for nurses to measure the patients, nevertheless, it besides requires nurses cognize how to utilize the device. “Nurses need cognition with wellness information engineering, which can assist them pass on with other suppliers and can let them to do the most of their function in co-ordinated care” ( Howell, 2012 ) .

Changes taking topographic point in health care give nurses the chance to assist form health care for the hereafter. The health care system has many challenges, including the quickly increased Numberss of the older population, altering outlooks of health care consumers, and quickly spread outing engineerings. Hence, nursing attention will go more of import in the hereafter when implementing nursing attention for patients. Because reduced length of stay for hospitalization, nurses must hold cognition of physiology and psychological operation, technological monitoring systems, client attention and computing machine systems and accomplishments in order to supply complex attention to really sick patients ( Blais & A ; Hayes, 2011, p.443 ) . Unhealthy life styles and wonts such as baccy usage, deficiency of exercising and drug usage still rule. “nurses will necessitate to take an active function in fixing healthy citizens for the hereafter by learning about exercising, nutrition, safety, and other wonts for healthy living” ( Blais & A ; Hayes, 2011, p.445 ) . Therefore, nurses need to be knowing about this tendency. In add-on, nurses as health professional should advance wellness, prevent unwellness, and ease the patients get bying with unwellness.

Nursing functions change continually in response to the demands of the society. The tendencies discussed above impacting nursing pattern and instruction. Professional nurse must use nursing theory and utilize evidence-based pattern in their day-to-day activities to care for the patients. As nurses continue to specify their ain pattern, the particular function of nursing in caring for others will go progressively recognized in society.


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