Begin to recognize Epiphanies by: (1) Listening/Observing; (2) Believing in the Epiphany; (3) Taking Action; (4) Serendipity/Take the First Step and the Rest Will Follow.
Think of the moments that have defined your life. They can be moments of crisis, doubt, sadness, solitude, happiness, disgust, disappointment, surprise, need, pressure, passion, or a crucible of some sort.
2. Analyze it
• Was the moment personal or did it occur in a relational circumstance?
• What was the message?
• Why did it mean something to you?
• Why did you listen?
• What did it “teach” you about yourself?
• What did it “teach” you about others?
• How did it make you feel?
• What did you do to approach its message cognitively?

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