Chapter 1 Assignment
Follow Steps 1–6 to complete and submit a one-page report in preparation for
developing your Web site.
1. Identify which type of Web site you will design — personal, organizational/topical,
or commercial. Write a brief paragraph describing the site’s overall purpose and its
targeted audience. Create a name for your site. I would like a personal website designed for close friends and family members…sorta like a personal facebook-style webpage.

2. List at least three general goals for your Web site. You will fine-tune these goals into
a mission statement in a subsequent chapter.
3. List elements in addition to text — photos, music, animation, and so forth — that
you could include on your Web site to support your general goals.
4. Identify the design tools you expect to use to develop your Web site.
5. Identify an available domain name and URL for your site.
6. Submit your report to your instructor and be prepared to discuss your report with
the class.

Chapter 2 Assignment
1. Develop a report using word-processing software. In that report, address the
a. Identify the element(s) that you could include on your Web site that would
convey to its audience that the site’s content is current.
b. Identify the connectivity tools you will use to encourage users to publish or
promote your content, and explain how you will use them.
c. Identify ways you can promote interactivity at your site.
d. Create an appropriate tag line for your site and describe how you will use it in
the site’s design.
e. Describe how you plan to use color at your site.
f. Write three paragraphs about your site’s topic in inverted pyramid style. Then
rewrite the paragraphs as chunked text.
g. Describe how you plan to use basic design principles to enhance your site’s
h. List ways you plan to make your site accessible.
2. Submit your report to your instructor. Also, be prepared to share your report with
the class.

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