New larger 3D printers now can produce a variety of objects for business and medical use by using

polymers and plastics to reproduce complex digital design files. <br /> Answer these questions:<br

/> • How might the use of smaller, affordable 3D printers in the home affect the owners and

manufacturers of copyrighted objects that have digital design files—for example, toys, musical

instruments, or jewelry?<br /> • Should copyright owners be compensated whenever their objects are

copied by home users?<br /> • What other aspects of 3D printing should government regulate, if

any?<br /> <br /> #2 Evaluate the following statement: <br /> Software piracy levels are more

rampant outside of the United States due to the differences in enforcement of copyright laws,

which is due to (a) a country’s relative poverty or relative economic wealth, which determines the

national priority for enforcing copyright laws, and (b) cultural norms. These differences add to

the difficulty in enforcing consistent copyright standards transnationally.

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