Reading the following passage what are your thoughts? Please be sure to stay on topic and reach a 175 word count. Thanks in advance!
 As leaders you will have to know how to effectively delegate as well as problem solve. You will learn the steps to each process this week. There aren’t many steps but each step is extremely important. My stance is you should be an effective problem solver way before you become a leader. Those who become great leaders were already great problem solvers. I sift out good potential leaders by looking at certain skills and problem solving is one. The staff that ask me less and figure it out themselves, if possible, are great problem solvers. Now delegation may be something you learn as a leader or close to being a leader if you have not had the opportunity to do so. Great leaders often have a lot on their plate, learning how to use your resources and delegating tasks that will help lessen the load, reduces stress and gives responsibility and ownership to others. Delegating tasks also helps to build your team as their will be staff that you see great potential in from things you have delegated to them. Those staff members you should give more opportunity and the more opportunity you give to them, the less on your plate. Have you had to use the delegation process, and or problem solving process?

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