welfare fraud Term Paper Help online in Canadian Studies

welfare fraud Term Paper Help online in Canadian Studies
1.essay question requires a thesis statement.
2. Please cite sources using APA formatting.
3.1. In her discussion of so-called “welfare fraud,” Janet Mosher contends that “virtually any racialized woman, any single mother, or any Aboriginal person becomes someone who can be suspected of fraud and ought to be investigated.”

Discuss the social and legal construction of the “deserving” versus the “undeserving” poor and how these categories are both gendered and racialized. Women (especially women of colour) are more likely to be poor than men; is the law part of the problem or part of the solution? In your response, you should discuss neoliberalism, employment and pay equity, sexual and racial harassment, and the criminalization of poverty.
4. can you use the reading from
A.Janet E. Mosher,The construction of welfare fraud’ and the wielding of the state’s iron fist.
B Kiran Mirchandani and Wendy Chan, “Discussions of Welfare Fraud in the
Canadian News Media” (K)
C. Janet Mosher and Pat Evans, “Welfare Policy: A Critical Site of
Struggle for Women’s Safety” (K)

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