What are some warning signs that your branding has gone way too far?

Branding is an absolutely important component of any business as it makes you stand out from your competition and also make your company recognizable and memorable. However, I personally believe there are definitely situations where companies or individuals take branding way too far and are reaching an unethical area.

There is a thin line between brand loyalty and literally living in a brand. Companies that hold strong, competitive brands don’t just expect for its suppliers and employees to use its products but also embody the values of its brand. For example, Weight Watchers employees may find their BMI numbers be monitored even though working with Weight Watchers does not necessarily require such monitoring. Similarly, IBM wouldn’t want its outside consultants bring in Dell laptops even though such consultants have little affiliation with IBM.

At what point do you think branding and more specifically brand loyalty for a company has gone too far? What would consider to be the warning signs?

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