Write a reaction paper on the articles/materials.
Your paper must be in current APA 7th ed format (including running heads, a title page, abstract, and reference page). The abstract must provide a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the articles and podcast in 150 words.
Divide your paper into the following sections and headings:
• Summary – Synthesize and integrate the main points of the textbook readings, article, and podcast in 2 1/2 pages, using these subheadings:
o The importance of professional identity
o The necessary components for professional identity
o The challenges to professional identity
• Professional Identity Development Plan– In 1/2 page, discuss the following:
o What are your motivators to become a professional counselor?
o What will you do to establish your identity as a counselor?
o Identify potential challenges that may present barriers to your success (academically, personally, or professionally) and name at least two strategies for how you will manage those barriers.

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