To complete this part of the assignment, the following items, as well as those listed above, must be addressed:
I. Budget (Please Note: Respond to the following critical elements in the proposal outline, not on the Excel document)
A. Statements: What statements were utilized for formulating your proposal. Why? Select the appropriate statements for analysis and defend your
B. Expenses: What major expenses are associated with your proposal items?
C. Budgetary Accounts: What budgetary accounts (i.e., salaries) are impacted, and in what way?
D. Reasoning: Based on the previous year’s budget data, why did you select these budget items for adjustment over other options?
E. Ratios: Research the various ratio options (including ROI) used for reviewing financial statements. Determine what ratios you will use for your
proposal items and explain why.
F. Ratio Calculations: Using budget statements, formulate calculations that support each recommendation.
G. Projected Departmental Budget: Create a projected departmental budget for the upcoming year that incorporates the costs of the proposed
For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document below.

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