The purpose is to help the class keep abreast of what is going on in international business and gain new knowledge about current market trends.
You must make your own posting – current event with a focus on the scheduled chapter topic(s).
In your main posting,
a) its summary with a link or source,
b) your reflection by incorporating what you have learned,
c) specific themes from the assigned chapters in each module relating to the current event/article that you choose, and
) discussion question(s) for the group members to encourage further discussion on the topic(s).
Tips for initial main posting
For your summary, do not copy and paste contents from the original article.
For your reflection, elaborate what you have learned from the assigned chapters by taking international business perspectives. For example, what could be implications for MNEs or international business players from a topic of your article?
For encouraging group discussion, take international business perspectives asking IB relevant questions.

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