What is Neo-Colonialism? What is the concept of Neo-Colonialism? How have different thinkers argued that it exists? Kwame Nkrumah, Ken Sara-Wiwa, Chembe, Wole Soyinka…etc. Where they right in their arguments? Has the critique of Pan-African thinkers and activists proven to effective in the 21st Century?
Different ways in which colonialism shaped the post-colonial psyche and not just the economic relations (Nkrumah). The Pan-African thoughts, what did they see as a solution?
How has Neo-Colonialism evolved over time?
Why is Nigeria a good case study? An overview of Nigeria; its economy and society and a wider view of Neo-Colonial relations in Nigeria
What does the Niger Delta tell us about neo-colonialism? Does it offer a new/different dimension of the theory (neo-colonialsm)? Or something new? Using the Niger Delta to test the concept of Neo-Colonialism – what are its manifestations?
The Niger Delta: why is this an important case to look at?
Track and trace how external interest has shaped the Niger Delta overtime and how they’ve been resisted. Is this changing? The different ways its being resisted and challenged?
Using Secondary Data

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