The paper should include an introduction , then a literature review that demonstrate a  knowledge of the literature relevant to the subject and an understanding of the theoretical and empirical issues that impinge upon it.

This will then be followd by  a synthesis , Emphasis is placed on a synthesis of the literature and a highlighting of its important themes rather than on a reference-by-reference summary.

The paper should demonstrate thorough knowledge and critical awareness of the content area. Citation of work already done in the field should be included as well as a conceptual base underlying discussion. It should be original and creative, and not merely a summary of the works of others. it will include analysis, that is, taking an idea apart and looking at the pieces; synthesis, that is, how the idea relates to other ideas; and evaluation, which includes critical analysis of ideas. For example, what makes sense, what does not, where might this apply and where not? What are the potential inconsistencies here, and comparison with other ideas?

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